Wednesday 15 December 2021

Sound Thought – The Dear Green Bothy Soundwalk

Kevin Leomo

Sound Thought created The Dear Green Bothy Soundwalk, a series of soundscape compositions designed to be listened to in situ around the West End of Glasgow. The pieces engage with deep listening and acoustic ecology, asking participants to listen to and engage with all sounds in their surroundings, and to examine the impact that humankind has on our natural environments.

In September and November, the Sound Thought committee led soundwalks around the West End, with the artists who created the works giving special insight into their creative processes.

Join Kevin Leomo, Sonia Killmann, Beth Horseman, and Melissa Rankin as they reflect on the process of creating the Soundwalk, their experiences of leading listening groups, and wider discussions on Sound Thought and the field of sonic art.

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The Dear Green Bothy Soundwalk