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From Monday 18 March

Skin of the City

Skin of the City is a public art and research project about the stony surfaces of Madrid and Glasgow, made by artist-researchers Minty Donald and Nick Millar, with the support of Paisanaje, Planta Baja, Institute for Postnatural Studies, Espacio de Todo, and Dear Green Bothy. 

We have been thinking about the hard, stony materials that form the ‘skin’ of many cities. We have been studying pavements, roads, kerbs, and walls; asphalt, tiles, bricks, granite, limestone, and cement. We have noticed how stone surfaces crack, peel, chip, and rupture; how they are patched and replaced; how they are always changing and always on the move. We have been thinking about what it means to extend a lithic layer over the earth, to make stony barriers between ourselves and the ‘outside’. We wonder, how thick is the skin of a city? What does it keep out or keep in? What passes through it? What does it hide? 

Public events (more dates in Glasgow and Madrid to be announced):

– 6 April, Carabanchel, Madrid, 11.30am – 1.30pm
– 21 April, C. del Buen Gobernador, 4, Ciudad Lineal, 28027 Madrid, 11.30am – 1.30pm

– 26 April – 3 May, Ramón Luján 78, bajo, Usera, 5-8pm. Installation opening: 26 April, 7.30pm