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From Monday 21 February

Reflections on The Dear Green Bothy

We’ve compiled a list of Reflections on The Dear Green Bothy – read or listen to event organisers and what participation in The Dear Green Bothy meant to them:

Routed//In Green Channels – Beth Horseman & Kevin Leomo

Games Sustainability Hackathon – Tim Peacock & Lauren Watson

Living Proof – Sarah Neely

Imagining Ecological Pasts and Futures – Madalena Daleziou

Greening Choirs – Penny Stone

Greening Glasgow in the 19th and early 20th centuries: art, health and horticulture in the public park – Claire Willsdon

Sound Thought – The Dear Green Bothy Soundwalk – Kevin Leomo, Beth Horseman, Sonia Killmann, Melissa Rankin

Eco Echoes: Tinderbox Music and Game Jam – Luci Holland

Feel Field: the start of an unknown journey – Francisco Llinas-Casas & Paria Moazemi-Goodarzi

Kim Stanley Robinson’s ‘Ministry for the Future’ – Anna McFarlane

What’s Going On – Mark Banks

Familiar and Strange: A Queer River Walk – Rachel Clive

Queer River, Wet Land – James Aldridge

Gotta Grow em’ All: Let’s Play Pokémon Environments – Lauren Watson, Matt Barr, Timothy Peacock

Imagining the Future of Travel – Minna Törmä, Saeko Yazaki, and Nathan Woolley

Tears of Gold – Hannah Rose Thomas

The Dear Green Bothy Mosaic – Skye Loneragan

Reflections, Green Poetry for Change – Maria Marchidanu

On Reflection: Ecologies of Light and Matter – Leanne Bell Gonczarow