Image: James Aldridge
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From Monday 1 November

Queer River, Wet Land Performance Score: an invitation to collaborate

As part of their ongoing Queer River, Wet Land collaboration, artist/researchers James Aldridge and Minty Donald have devised a programme score to encourage others to get involved in the project.

You are invited to take a walk alongside a river that you know and explore its edges and boundaries. How, and where, do water and land meet and mingle? It might be a hard-edged river, created by humans to hold back the water from the land. It might be a seasonal river, where water only flows in certain weather conditions. It might be tidal, with always changing edges. The water’s boundaries might not be visible – perhaps underground. How does this river that you are walking with un-dermine human-defined binaries of river and riverbank, water and land?

You are invited to respond to the places where water meets and mingles with land in any way you wish. This might be through performing an action, making some marks, writing, or something else.

Document your response (as a photograph, a piece of writing, whatever form feels right) and share on social media using the hashtag #QueerRiverWetLand. Alternatively, send it to for inclusion on the Queer River blog.

You can also join an online event on Thursday 25 November, where we will share the outcomes of the Queer River, Wet Land project in more depth, with input from invited speakers and a range of responses to the score.