Photo by Ashkan Forouzani on Unsplash
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From Monday 6 September

Local Women of the World

Local Women of the World at COP26 is a collective project involving women from diverse and marginalised backgrounds coming together to offer their own individual and unique creative perspectives on the climate emergency. 

Working in conjunction with the climate change educator and communicator Zarina Ahmad and the Women’s Environment Network, students from The Dear Green Bothy are acting as individual mentors for around a dozen women who have proposed and developed new creative artworks and projects that communicate fresh understandings and representations of the climate crisis. 

The project aims to build co-operation, community, and creative exchange – and give voice and platform to those whose experiences and interpretations of climate change are often overlooked. 

Showcasing a variety of art forms – including film, music, poetry, design, digital gaming, and craft – the work of the women will feature in a public exhibition and event in the period around COP26. Watch this space for updates!