From Sunday 7 November

BIOSYSTEMS: Cauliflower Love Bike

A three-part audio venture into possibilities of ecological thought beyond the ‘pleasure machine’ of petroculture.

Structured around the core themes of FOOD, REST and PLAY, Cauliflower Love Bike explores how low carbon imaginaries manifest in the energies of everyday life, speculative thought, social activity and artistic practice. Spotlighting the work of filmmakers, chefs, community organisers, artists, writers, childcare workers and children, each episode follows the threads of postcapitalist desire, alternative food cultures, rechilding, pandemic reflections and radical dreaming, to ask: what existing and future practices might offer energised and communal challenges to climate crisis?

Hosted by the A+E Collective, formed in 2017 out of a shared desire to forge playful, generative and collaborative approaches to the climate crisis.