From Monday 4 October free

Earth Soul Radio

A new podcast bringing together artists, scientists, activists and wisdom-keepers to explore the ‘more-than-human-world.’

A visual artist, an art curator, and a filmmaker/composer come together to welcome special guest speakers to discuss the more-than-human world.

The traditional practices of arts and storytelling hold fascinating cosmologies, myths, prophecies, rituals and cultural practices which can help explain the past in the context of our future in order to give meaning to our present. We strongly believe that ancestral wisdom together with creativity, arts, modern science and technology are the key to broadening our understanding of the life force that lives within us and our greater connection with the natural world. Earth Soul Radio seeks to encourage and strengthen diversity, intersectionality and maintain multifaceted relationships dedicated to the well-being of the planet.

This podcast is produced with the support of the University of Glasgow in the framework of The Dear Green Bothy.