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Tuesday 31 January 18.00 - 20.00 free

Stitching Soft Matter

Advanced Research Centre
University of Glasgow

A procession of many hands holding, touch touching itself…

A limited edition artists’ book, Stitching soft matter contains an archive of performed touch, pandemic touch diaries, drawing, sewing, photography, scores & an essay by movement artist Simon Whitehead.

soft matter is a process of research-creation into ecologies of touch that bridged the pandemic. The book details the original intimacies of the practice, the contingencies and spectral realm of touch that emerged during the Covid 19 lockdowns, with its ghostly traces stitched into soft matter of hand coverings. This is matter that now offers itself as choreographic actant, affording new inheritances of touch and motive affect.

On the evening of the launch there will be a short presentation on Simon’s practice by Professor Carl Lavery, followed by a response to the book by Simon and an invitation to participate in a touch score together. This will culminate in an open Q and A. 

Drinks and Vegan food will be served and books will be available at a concessionary price.

Stitching soft matter is funded by SGSAH (The Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities) and published by shoeless

Simon Whitehead is currently a 3rd Year Phd(PaR)Researcher in The Department of Theatre Studies, University of Glasgow. He is funded by the AHRC and supported by SGSAH.

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