In Person


Friday 24 February 13.00 - 18.00 free

Stitching soft matter – performance/workshop

Advanced Research Centre
University of Glasgow
11 Chapel Lane
Glasgow G11 6EW

All welcome on a drop-in basis, stay as long as you wish…

With movement artist Simon Whitehead, working with dance artists Neil Callaghan, Saffy Setohy and Joanna Young.

This performance/workshop is one of the outputs of Simon’s process of research-creation as part of his PhD (PaR) portfolio in The Department of Theatre Studies, University of Glasgow. Following the disruption of the pandemic, Stitching soft matter marks a re-turn to live physical engagement through an assemblage of dance performance, activated choreographic materials & scores, sound & text. We invite you, the audience, to participate with us in emergent ecologies of touch & affect. 

Central to the event, 50 pairs of conjoined archivist’s gloves containing the touch of many hands will be stitched together into a large blanket. The performance will culminate in a participatory score for this choreographic object with the assembled public at 5.30pm. 

Supported by The Scottish Graduate School of Arts & Humanities, in association with The Department of Theatre Studies & ARC, University of Glasgow.

(This event is accompanied by Simon’s recent artist book Stitching soft matter, which is available for sale.)