In Person


Tuesday 4 April 12.00 - 13.00 free

Rethink: Cityscapes | Urban Regeneration Workshop

Advanced Research Centre
University of Glasgow
11 Chapel Lane
G11 6EW

At this climate café, we will be virtually visiting abandoned and disused spaces. Shaun Turner, student and founder of Rethink: Cityscapes, will share photography along with current life and history of the Govan Graving Docks. Together we will discuss challenges posed by urban regeneration and explore the untapped potential of spaces in Glasgow.

We will introduce Rethink: Cityscapes, a project focused on challenging people’s conceptions about the urban spaces we inhabit. This is done mainly through walking tours of disused or abandoned places and photography.

This climate café is presented in partnership between GUEST and The Dear Green Bothy as part of the ARC Spring Fling! programme.