Image: James Aldridge


Thursday 25 November 17:00 - 18:30

Queer River, Wet Land: Sharing Event

What can queer perspectives bring to creative explorations of river health and river futures in a time of climate breakdown?

Join this special sharing event to explore the learning that has emerged from the Queer River, Wet Land collaboration, and to deepen your own creative engagement with rivers.

Led by artists James Aldridge and Minty Donald, Queer River, Wet Land documented their experiences of the Rivers Clyde and Kelvin, and the Molendinar Burn in Glasgow. Focussing on the interrelationship between the water and the land, this exchange of practices drew on work with their local rivers, and the substrates that they flow through/over. The work resulted in a Performance Score, made publicly available as a way of supporting others to get involved in the project, and to encourage others to engage creatively with their local rivers.

James and Minty will also be joined for this session by artist/geographer Sage Brice, theatre practitioner Rachel Clive, and Madrid-based landscape architect Malú Cayetano.