In Person


Thursday 8 June 16:00 free, unticketed

Listen to the Amazon

James Arnott Theatre
Gilmorehill Halls, University of Glasgow
9 University Ave, Glasgow G12 8QQ

In collaboration with the Dear Green Bothy, the Tramway and Theatre Studies (TS) Performance, Ecology, Heritage Research Hub, Valeria Levi (early career artist based in Glasgow) is inviting you to join the sharing of her piece Listen to the Amazon.

Listen to the Amazon is an interdisciplinary performance blending dance with language to raise environmental awareness on the Amazon crisis. The piece is the result of Valeria’s research on the ways in which ‘breathing’ connects the Amazon with humans across the globe. Breathing serves as a physical, practical and symbolic ‘tool’ to engage with the Amazon crisis and represent the non-anthropocentric voice of nature.

Listen to the Amazon is the first work both performed and directed by Valeria as well as an exciting opportunity for Valeria to test her approach with audience members. Breathing exercises will be included in the piece to encourage audience participation and create an interactive experience for shared reflection. Participation will be encouraged and facilitated during the sharing. 

Valeria will be rehearsing during the weeks before the sharing with a very talented team: Pirita Tuisku (choreographer and dance artist), Benedetta Zanetti (BSL performer), Eloise Kretschmer (musician and sound designer), Fabrizio Teodori (expert on Amazonia). Every member of the team will bring their expertise to create a unique experience for the audience. Choreography and music will be made ad hoc thanks to Pirita and Eloise’s support, while Benedetta will help make the performance accessible to deaf audiences. Fabrizio will supervise the team and share his direct knowledge of Amazonia with the rest of the team. 

The event will be free to access and unticketed. Do not miss this great opportunity! 

Image Credit: Elisabetta Costantino