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Thursday 11 November – Saturday 20 November

Contribute to our Crowdsourced Poem!

Part of the Being Human Festival 2021

How can poetry be of practical help in the climate crisis?
How can it set the tone for the contemporary debate?
How can it inform a collective response across continents?

Inspired by the creative conversations on poetry and ecology at Poetry and the Climate Crisis: Scotland and India, you are all invited to contribute to a crowdsourced poem which will be made publicly available after the Being Human festival.

We’ve selected the following few lines of poetry from the writers we’ll be discussing at the events to serve as prompts, and to get your creative juices flowing. And, of course, you can join us at the events for further insipration!

Leaves are masses of silence
round flowers which are their word

(Rabindranath Tagore)

By leaves we live

(Patrick Geddes)

Poetry is human existence come to life

(Hugh MacDiarmid)

All responses are welcome: send us a few words, a sentence, a paragraph. Once all the contributions have been gathered our resident poet will craft the crowdsourced poem, bringing together all of your voices in a piece that celebrates the connection between poetry and ecology.

How to submit