In Person


Saturday 17 February 15:00 – 16:00 free

Composting the Soundscape: How to Grow Your Own Listening Practice

Room 237, Advanced Research Centre, University of Glasgow
11 Chapel Lane, Glasgow G11 6EW

Embark on a journey through the sonic ecologies of Glasgow’s West End as we delve into new listening approaches and an exploration of public space. In this workshop, join artist Beth Horseman to discover the art of listening to your environment and harnessing localized sounds for creative work. Participants will cultivate a sustainable listening practice through a series of miniature soundwalks, collaborative listening exercises, and an exploration of Deep Listening histories. Join us in uncovering the sounds that surround us and tuning into their subtleties.

Beth Horseman is a musician and audiovisual artist based in Glasgow, UK. Her practice explores the boundaries between natural and synthetic form; working with field recordings, vocal nuances and explorations of synthesis to create evolving soundscapes and visuals. Beth has worked on projects such as BBC and Lux Scotland commissioned film “The Land and the Sea” and shown living installation “Routed // In Green Channels” as part of The Dear Green Bothy’s COP26 programming. In addition to her solo work Beth makes up one half of the experimental ambient duo Pillow Lava, and through her collective and individual pursuits continues to explore the ways in which we experience sound.

Presented in collaboration with Glasgow Goes Green Festival.