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Thursday 27 June – Friday 28 June free

Communicating Sustainabilities 2024

Communicating Sustainabilities is an intersectoral and international network of academics, practitioners, activists and professionals working together to understand what ‘sustainability’ means to different groups and to promote dialogue across difference. We recognise that there are multiple understandings of ‘sustainability’ and that we cannot plan for environmental, social, cultural or financial sustainability individually, without reference to the interconnections between them.

Communicating Sustainabilites returns for two days of discussions and presentations at the Advanced Research Centre.

June 27, 9am-5pm

Just Transitions in Coastal and Maritime Communities

The topic of Just Transitions in Coastal and Maritime Communities will focus on the role of community consultation and involvement in (i) developing legislation; and (ii) managing adaptation once legislation is in place.  We will finish the day with a Roundtable event and discussions about how to further collaborative research and how this research may contribute to government policy in this area. 

Breaking Communication Barriers in Sustainability

The ‘Breaking the communication barrier in sustainability’ day identifies communication barriers that we face in our work on sustainability. Across three sessions, participants identify a problem they face, and we identify potential research-based solutions. The aim is to develop collaborative projects between stakeholders and academics which can analyse communicative barriers and formulate better communicative strategies. We invite practitioners to take part in a day-long session on practice-based research to work with academics in setting an agenda for collaborative research projects.

June 28, 9am-5pm

Sustainable Threads: Bridging Theory, Practice, and Research in Fashion Sustainability

This forum will develop the central themes of sustainability, interconnectedness, and collaboration in the fashion industry woven throughout the keynote event, roundtable discussion, and final session involving PhD students and Early Career Researchers. It will emphasise the importance of fostering dialogue, knowledge exchange, and collective action across academia, industry, and the broader community to drive positive change in the fashion industry towards a more sustainable future.

Overtourism & Local Communities

‘Overtourism & Local Communities’, co-organised by Guillem Colom-Montero (Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Glasgow) and Toni Marzal (Law, University of Glasgow), brings together academics, community activists, writers and speakers from the public sector to reflect on the impact of overtourism on local communities, with a focus on the perspectives of residents from overcrowded destinations. 

Programme ‘Overtourism & Local Communities’
University of Glasgow, Advanced Research Centre (Room 237B), 28 June 2024.

9am: Welcome and Introduction to the Event by Dr Guillem Colom-Montero and Dr Toni Marzal.

9:15–10:45: Overtourism & Housing: Malcolm Combe (Law, University of Strathclyde); Eilidh Keay (Living Rent Edinburgh); Stephanie Pozo-McIntyre (Councillor in Pollença, Mallorca); Douglas Robertson (Sociology, University of Stirling).

Chair: Tom Mullen (Law, University of Glasgow)

10:45–11:00: Coffee.

11:00–12:30: Overtourism & Local Spaces: Antonio Cardesa-Salzmann (Law, University of Strathclyde); Cels García (Geography, University of the Balearic Islands); Toni Marzal (Law, University of Glasgow); Bilge Serin (Urban Studies, University of Glasgow).

Chair: Mara Ntona (Law, University of Strathclyde).

12:30–1:30: Lunch

1:30–3:00:Overtourism & Right to the City: Carlo Colombo (Law, Sciences Po Paris & Maastricht University); Marc Morell (Anthropology, Riga Stradins University); Johannes Novy (Urban Studies, University of Westminster); Fabiana Pavel (Activist, Morar em Lisboa & SetNetwork against Touristification in Southern Europe)

Chair: Nicholas Davies (Glasgow Caledonian University)

3:00–3:15: Coffee

3:15–4:45: Overtourism & Local Cultures: Gail Anthea Brown (Writer, Caithness); Guillem Colom-Montero (Modern Languages and Cultures, University of Glasgow); Peigi MacVicar (Poet and housing activist, Skye); Hazel Tucker (Tourism, University of Otago)

Chair: Gillebride MacMillan (Celtic & Gaelic, University of Glasgow).

4:45–5:00: Closing Reflections, Dr Toni Marzal and Dr Guillem Colom-Montero.