Wednesday 11 August 18.00 – 20.00 free

Bright Edge Deep | Roundtable Discussion

Bright Edge Deep: peatlands in history, cultural heritage, and climate | Roundtable Discussion

Prior to the launch of an online exhibition, the Bright Edge Deep team hosts a roundtable discussion on the historic value of peatlands, their tangible and intangible heritage, and links between ecosystem services and heritage.

The session features a keynote by Dr Ben Gearey, Lecturer in Environmental Archaeology at University College Cor and member of the Wetfutures project, which engages with the wetlands of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Ireland. 

Nicki Whitehouse (University of Glasgow)
Gareth Beale (University of Glasgow)
Tom Gardner (Historic Environment Scotland)
Althea Davies (University of St. Andrews)
Ben Gearey (University College Cork)
Rosie Everett (University of Warwick)

Bright Edge Deep is led by a group of art historians, archaeologists and palaeoecologists with a concern for peatland heritage (past), management (present) and restoration (future). They aim to bring together artistic, historical, cultural and scientific representations of peatlands as moderators of climate change to enhance understanding of their role as historic landscapes and ‘wild’ places of cultural and natural value for the future. 

Part of the Glasgow University Archaeology Festival.